Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Czech Bank Joke of the Year

I just saw this dumb advertisement that this Czech bank is still running which is infact rediculous.
None of what is being advertised is in fact offered to the client in reality. Is it not a crime to advertise lies so as to attract new customers.
What a suprise coming from the Czech Savings Bank. After one and a half year I am still waiting for a English speak business account representative. Expat tailored Banking Service, rubbish is what I call it.

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Jaroslav Novotny said...

Hahaha, thats funny dude, that is the Ceska Sporitelna Joke of the Year. This bank never gives what it advertises. Realy lousy Czech Bank if you ask me and I am sure almost all Prague expats agree. That expat center of theirs is a laugh. The little twats there are airheads.