Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ceska Sporitelna Rescinded Student Bonus

I found this in Nicmoc's Blog in the Google cache. The actual site no longer excists but the cache remains. I wonder if the long reach of the arm reached this poor bloggers site.

"Jack the Ripper strikes again! It wasn't enough that Jack Stack secretly rescinded the 10,000 Kc bonus for students who graduated with honors. (If you remember, Ceska sporitelna first got students to take accounts with them with that gimmick, and then tried to say "just kidding" when they started graduatin. They lost because of the protest...) Now, Jack wants to steal money from dead people. People signed up for pension funds at Sporitelna on the promise that upon their death, their survivors would receive 10,000 crowns. The bank is now saying they changed the contracts, no doubt in the fine print on one of the hundreds of brochures you get along with the account statements they send along and no one reads."

Finding Competent People

I just saw this other blogger post a remark about dealing with Ceska Sporitelna and he or she hit the nail right on the head.

Where do all the competent staff go to? There must be some or not? Or is the Human Resources at CSAS simply incompetent and they are only hiring more incompetent employees?

Czech Bank Joke of the Year

I just saw this dumb advertisement that this Czech bank is still running which is infact rediculous.
None of what is being advertised is in fact offered to the client in reality. Is it not a crime to advertise lies so as to attract new customers.
What a suprise coming from the Czech Savings Bank. After one and a half year I am still waiting for a English speak business account representative. Expat tailored Banking Service, rubbish is what I call it.